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From "叶双明" <>
Subject Re: Searching in multiple indices
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2008 13:35:39 GMT
In my opinion, you can use MultiSearcher, or if there isn't huge data
in index, you can put them in one index, no matter the fields in
indices are not the same. You can get Docoument match your query, but
I think, you will think about the query that you want to put into the

2008/9/6, <>:
> Hello,
> I am a newbie user of Lucene Java. I am trying to use Lucene to enable in
> search in my application. I am stuck a little in actual Search. I'm facing a
> design issue and want help from experts here.
> Here is my scenario:
> * I have 7-8 tables in the database and I create a separate index for each
> table. Index is created in the filesystem. (The fact that there is one index
> per table is not under my control and I have to use that as an input)
> * Fields in the indices may or may not be the same
> * When I search I need to search in all indices
> I tried looking at MultiSearcher. But, since the fields in indices are not
> the same, I can't make use of one query and give it to the multi searcher. I
> need to construct a separate MultiFieldQueryParser for each of my searchers.
> If I create an array of searchers myself and call 'search' method on each of
> them, I am left with having to merge the results properly (based on score).
> But in this case, since the results from each searcher is normalized for
> search in that index, merging is not a stright-forward operation and I'll
> have to rely on some sort of a HitCollector since I need raw scores which'll
> help me in merging the results.
> Have people hit this problem before? Is there any other approach I can take?
> Any pointers will greatly help me.
> Thanks a lot for your time,
> Beerbal

Sorry for my englist!!
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