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From Justin Grunau <>
Subject Problem with lucene search starting to return 0 hits when a few seconds earlier it was returning hundreds
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 21:19:56 GMT
We have some code that uses lucene which has been working perfectly well for several months.

Recently, a QA team in our organization has set up a server with a much larger data set than
we have ever tested with in the past:  the resulting lucene index is about 3G in size.

On this particular server, the same lucene code which has been reliable in the past is now
exhibiting erratic behavior.  The first time you do a search, it returns the correct number
of hits.  The second time you do a search, it may or may not return the correct set.  By the
third time you do a search, it will return 0 hits even for a search that was returning hundreds
of hits only a few seconds earlier.  All subsequent searches will return 0 hits until you
stop and restart the java process.

A snippet of the relevant code follows:

                    // getReader() returns the singleton IndexReader object
                final IndexReader reader = getReader();

                    // ANALYZER is another singleton
                final QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser("text", ANALYZER);
                final Query query = queryParser.parse(spec.getSearchText()).rewrite(
                final IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader);

                final Hits hits =, new CachingWrapperFilter(
                        new QueryWrapperFilter(visibilityFilter)));
                total = hits.length();

I understand that Lucene should be able to handle very large datasets, so I'd be surprised
if this were an actual Lucene bug.  I'm hoping it's just that I'm doing something "wrong"
which has gone unnoticed so far for several months because we've never had an index this large.

We're using lucene verison 2.2.0.


Justin Grunau


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