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From Justin Grunau <>
Subject Re: Problem with lucene search starting to return 0 hits when a few seconds earlier it was returning hundreds
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 21:46:58 GMT
Sorry, I forgot to include the visibility filters:

                final BooleanQuery visibilityFilter = new BooleanQuery();
                visibilityFilter.add(new TermQuery(new Term("isPublic", "true")),
                visibilityFilter.add(new TermQuery(new Term("reader", user.getId())),

These visibility filters ensure that a user only sees files which he or she has access to

I am pretty certain nobody else has modified the index in the meantime, but why is that important?
 We have several other servers -- whose only difference is a smaller data set -- with dozens
of concurrent users, and the index on those servers gets modified and read concurrently all
the time, but none of these other servers have ever exhibited this bug.

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From: Leonid M. <>
Sent: Thursday, September 4, 2008 5:35:47 PM
Subject: Re: Problem with lucene search starting to return 0 hits when a few seconds earlier
it was returning hundreds

* And what's about visibility filter? * Are you sure no one else accesses
IndexReader and modifies index? See reader.maxDocs() to be confident.

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 12:19 AM, Justin Grunau <> wrote:

> We have some code that uses lucene which has been working perfectly well
> for several months.
> Recently, a QA team in our organization has set up a server with a much
> larger data set than we have ever tested with in the past:  the resulting
> lucene index is about 3G in size.
> On this particular server, the same lucene code which has been reliable in
> the past is now exhibiting erratic behavior.  The first time you do a
> search, it returns the correct number of hits.  The second time you do a
> search, it may or may not return the correct set.  By the third time you do
> a search, it will return 0 hits even for a search that was returning
> hundreds of hits only a few seconds earlier.  All subsequent searches will
> return 0 hits until you stop and restart the java process.
> A snippet of the relevant code follows:
>                    // getReader() returns the singleton IndexReader object
>                final IndexReader reader = getReader();
>                    // ANALYZER is another singleton
>                final QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser("text",
>                queryParser.setDefaultOperator(spec.getDefaultOp());
>                final Query query =
> queryParser.parse(spec.getSearchText()).rewrite(
>                        reader);
>                final IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader);
>                final Hits hits =, new
> CachingWrapperFilter(
>                        new QueryWrapperFilter(visibilityFilter)));
>                total = hits.length();
> I understand that Lucene should be able to handle very large datasets, so
> I'd be surprised if this were an actual Lucene bug.  I'm hoping it's just
> that I'm doing something "wrong" which has gone unnoticed so far for several
> months because we've never had an index this large.
> We're using lucene verison 2.2.0.
> Thanks!
> Justin Grunau
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