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From Mck <>
Subject RE: Re: Replacing FAST functionality at - ShingleFilter+exactmatching
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 07:55:18 GMT

> probably better to change the one instance of .setPositionIncrement(0)
> to .setPositionIncrement(1) - that way, MultiPhraseQuery will not be
> invoked, and the standard disjunction thing should happen.

Tried this.
As you say i end up with instead a
        terms = { list_entry_shingles:abcd
                  list_entry_shingles:abcd efgh
                  list_entry_shingles:abcd efgh ijkl 
                  list_entry_shingles:efgh ijkl 
                  list_entry_shingles:ijkl }

But this does not return the hits i want.
(It returns one hit if TextField and zero hits if StrField, the same
behaviour i mentioned before).


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