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From "Cedric Ho" <>
Subject Re: Are there any Lucene optimizations applicable to SSD?
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 01:28:36 GMT
Hi eks,

My index is fully optimized, but I wasn't aware that I can sort it by
fields in Lucene. Could you elaborate on how to do that?

By omitTf(), do you mean Fieldable.setOmitNorms(true)? I'll try that.

Cedric Ho

> if you have possibility to sort your index once in a while on something like DateRange
 you will be surprised how good OS File cache utilizes locality of reference... we had dramatic
(ca 30%) improvements just by having index sorted once a week on the most used fields... depend
on nature of your collection and is not always possible, but if possible, does the job. If
this is also only used as boolean condition to select range of documents, not affecting score
(guess not), give omitTf() a try, your index will be smaller as well
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