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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: updating existing field values
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2008 22:26:58 GMT

It's also possible to create your own code that uses FieldsReader and  
FieldsWriter (both in org.apache.lucene.index) directly to create new  
fdx/fdt files, with the date fixed on each document.  You'd have to  
enumerate over all segments in your index, create a FieldsReader  
instance on each, create a FieldsWriter writing to a new segment name,  
iterate through the docs fixing your date, calling  
FieldsWriter.writeField per field then flushDocument to finish the  

I think that should work, but I've never tried it!

Your code would have to be in org.apache.lucene.index since these  
classes are package private.


Andrzej Bialecki wrote:

> Robert Stewart wrote:
>> Given an existing index, is there any way to update the value of a
>> particular field across all documents, without deleting/re-indexing
>> documents?  For instance, if I have a date field, and I need to
>> offset all dates based on change to stored time zone (subtract 12
>> hours from each value).  The sort order of field values would not
>> change, and the postings should not need to change, only values of
>> fields.  I do not believe there is any API to do it, but is there
>> some lower level way to do it (modifying files manually)?  I only ask
>> because I have a large index and I don't want to re-index all
>> documents.
> Perhaps you could do this using FilterIndexReader implementation,  
> i.e. wrap your original index within this filter and then invoke  
> IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[]). If you override  
> FilterIndexReader.document(int, FieldSelector), which retrieves the  
> stored fields of a document, then you can change the values of  
> stored fields only, just before they are added to the new index.  
> Note that this works ONLY for non-indexed fields that are stored  
> (i.e. Store.YES, Index.NO) - if a field is both stored and indexed  
> then you need to modify the postings too, which requires overriding  
> other methods.
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