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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: java.lang.NullPointerExcpetion while indexing on linux
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 12:42:28 GMT

Aditi Goyal wrote:

> Thanks Mike. I found the problem.
> The problem was that I was not converting the value of the fields to  
> utf-8
> and hence while adding it to doc it was getting stored as None.
> So, when I did doc.get('fieldA') , instead of giving the blank or  
> any other
> string, it was giving out None.

I don't really understand why failing to pre-convert to utf-8 would  
result in None being set -- is this a PyLucene (JCC) strangeness?

It seems like if the incoming PyObject is a simple str, the C++ glue  
code generated by JCC should cast it to unicode before passing it to  
Java (and you shouldn't get null added on).

> To overcome this, I first converted the string to utf-8 format and  
> then
> field.setValue() and then doc.add(field), It seems to be working  
> fine.,
> However, I have one question. When I do a feild.setValue() and then
> doc.add() will it replace the value of the field in the doc or add a  
> new
> field with the similar name and the new value? Since i am reusing  
> the doc
> and i am not reinitialising the doc anywhere and since you told that
> doc.removeField() is an expensive operation.

It replaces the value of that Field instance (not add a new field).


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