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From Mark Lassau <>
Subject Re: Upgrading from v2.2.0 to v2.3.2
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 01:26:42 GMT

Thanks for the prompt response.

Michael McCandless wrote:
> Mark Lassau wrote:
>> I am a developer on the JIRA Issue tracker, and we are considering 
>> upgrading our Lucene version from v2.2.0 to v2.3.2.
>> I have been charged with doing the risk analysis, and project work.
>> I have read the change lists, and the bugs reported on the Lucene 
>> Issue Tracker (JIRA of course ;), and some of the archived messages 
>> on the Lucene lists.
> We love Jira -- thanks!
... and we love Lucene :)

> I would think LUCENE-1044 (not corrupting search index if OS or 
> machine crashes) is important for Atlassian.
LUCENE-1044 is only marked as fixed in v2.4
I assumed that the possible corruption on hard shutdown existed in 
v2.2.0 (and earlier), so we are no worse off by upgrading to v2.3.2.
Is that the case?
> The CHANGES.txt should be a reliable list of any 
> non-backwards-compatible changes and how to revert to the old behavior 
> (and if it isn't we'd love to hear about that!).  EG merging is now 
> done concurrently by default, flushing is by RAM usage not doc count, 
> merge selection is by size-in-bytes of each segment (not 
> size-in-doc-count).
Thanks, I read those. Good job on providing a very useful change summary.
However, I guess I was also interested in any reports "from the field". 
Sometimes there can be unexpected consequences.
eg, I read somewhere of one user having multi-threaded issues because of 
a change from Vector to ArrayList in some implementation.


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