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From Ivan Vasilev <>
Subject Updating tag-indexes
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 12:01:37 GMT
Hi Lucene Guys,

I have a question that is simple but is important for me. I did not 
found the answer in the javadoc so I am asking here.
When adding Document-s by the method IndexWriter.addDocument(doc) does 
the documents obtain Lucene IDs in the order that they are added to the 
IndexWriter? I mean will first added doc be with Lucene ID 0, second 
added with Lucene ID 1, etc?

Bellow I describe why I am asking this.
We plan to split our index to two separate indexes that will be read by 
ParallelReader class. This is so because the one of them will contain 
field(s) that will be indexed and stored and it will be frequently 
changed. So to have always correct data returned from the ParallelReader 
when changing documents in the small index the Lucene IDs of these docs 
have to remain the same.
To do this Karl Wettin suggests a solution described in *LUCENE-879 
<>*. I do not like this 
solution because it is connected to changing Lucene source code, and 
after each refactoring potentially I will have problems. The solution is 
related to optimizing index so it will not be reasonably faster than the 
one that I prefer. And it is:
1. Read the whole index and reconstruct the documents including index 
data by using TermDocs and TermEnum classes;
2. Change the needed documents;
3. Index documents in new index that will replace the initial one.
I can even simplify this algorithm (and the speed) if all the fields 
will be always stored - I can read just the stored data and based on 
this to reconstruct the content of the docs and re index them in new.

But anyway everything in the my approaches will depend on this - are 
LuceneIDs in the index ordered in the same way as docs are added to the 

Thanks in Advance,

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