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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: windows file system cache
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 14:03:24 GMT
Mark Miller wrote:
> Mark Miller wrote:
>> Robert Stewart wrote:
>>> Anyone else run on Windows?  We have index around 26 GB in size.  
>>> Seems file system cache ends up taking up nearly all available RAM 
>>> (26 GB out of 32 GB on 64-bit box).  Lucene process is around 5 GB, 
>>> so very little left over for queries, etc, and box starts swapping 
>>> during searches.  I think changing file system cache size setting is 
>>> needed.  Anyone else have same issue?
>> Hmmm...get more ram :)
>> Windows 64-bit upped the default file system cache size from 1 gig to 
>> 1 terabyte. Your feeling the awesome effects of that upgrade I think.
>> There is an API call ( SetSystemFilecache() ) to override this - so 
>> perhaps code up a C app to set it before running your Lucene app?
>> - Mark
> You may actually be able to do it from the registry as well: 
> (don't use windows anymore so 
> havn't confirmed)
> Info showing the change from 1 gig to 1 terabyte:
> You just want to set it to a certain percentage of what you got - 
> leaving enough to do whatever your lucene app needs to do.
Found a great page about the problem using Domino:

They appear to have compiled all the little bits of info that I have 
seen elsewhere, and describe the problem being fixed just as you did.

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