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From "John O'Brien" <>
Subject CheckIndex possibly not detecting/fixing all corruptions?
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 10:22:28 GMT
	I already posted this question on the CLucene dev list but it was
suggested that I may be able to get some help on the Java list so here goes.
We use Clucene 0.9.20 in our search engine. One of the indexes appears to
have become corrupt (still investigating the cause of the corruption). We
tried using the Java Lucene CheckIndex tool to fix the corruption(s).
CheckIndex detected 1 broken segment and removed 162 documents and wrote a
new segments file. Subsequent runs of CheckIndex report "No problems were
detected with this index.". However our search engine still crashes when its
performing a search on the "fixed" index. Here is the relevant backtrace:

#8  0x001c0faa in lucene::index::SegmentTermDocs::read (this=0x664f26c8, 
    docs=0x664f9944, freqs=0x664f99c4, length=32)
    at CLucene/util/BitSet.h:35
#9  0x001b4a4a in lucene::index::MultiTermDocs::read (this=0x664e5d38, 
    docs=0x664f9944, freqs=0x664f99c4, length=32)
    at ../src/CLucene/index/MultiReader.cpp:400
#10 0x001ef7dc in lucene::search::TermScorer::next (this=0x664f9920)
    at ../src/CLucene/search/TermScorer.cpp:41
#11 0x001d2d23 in lucene::search::BooleanScorer::next (this=0x665f2fc0)
    at ../src/CLucene/search/BooleanScorer.cpp:63
#12 0x001d2d23 in lucene::search::BooleanScorer::next (this=0x664e5ec8)
    at ../src/CLucene/search/BooleanScorer.cpp:63
#13 0x001e3275 in lucene::search::IndexSearcher::_search (
    this=0x65ba6410, query=0x66734ed8, filter=0x0, nDocs=100)
    at ../src/CLucene/search/Scorer.h:39
#14 0x001e1fb0 in lucene::search::Hits::getMoreDocs (this=0x66881440, 
    m=50) at ../src/CLucene/search/Hits.cpp:110
#15 0x001e1acf in lucene::search::Hits::Hits ()
    at CLucene/util/PriorityQueue.h:35

We tried to perform a search using Luke tool but this also resulted in an
Also tried after optimizing the index db, but the same error persists. 
So it looks like the index db might still be corrupt.

Any ideas as to why CheckIndex appears not to have detected/fixed all
Are there any other suggestions as to how to detect/repair index

Thanks in advance,

P.s. I still have the index in question before and after running CheckIndex
fix on it so if anyone's willing to take a look at it I can upload it
somewhere for you to download.

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