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From "Glen Newton" <>
Subject Re: Concurrent query benchmarks
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 15:10:05 GMT
2008/6/9 Otis Gospodnetic <>:
> Hi Glen,
> Thanks for sharing.  Does your benchmarking tool build on top of contrib/benchmark? (not
sure if that one lets you specify the number of concurrent threads -- if it does not, perhaps
this is an opportunity to add this functionality).

No, it is a stand-alone program. You give it the index directory, the
default query field, the number of threads, and the filename of a file
that contains one Lucene query per line.hreads. The output is one
line: the # fo threads followed by the #queries handled per second.

I have a shell script which runs the above with increasing #s of threads.

> I couldn't find info about the index format (compound or not) you used.  It would be
good to see the comparison with high number of threads for the 2 index formats.  It would
also be good to see the numbers when the index has no deletion and when it has some percentage
of docs deleted.

Sorry, I didn't include it. The index in the benchmarks uses the
compound format, with 0% documents deleted.

> Finally, if you end up extending contrib/benchmark, I think just having the ability to
pump the results of that into a gnuplot script would be nice to have.  I've written a standalone
benchmarking tool that did pretty much what yours seems to do, but I wrote it for Technorati,
so I can't release it. :(

I would be very willing to contribute what I have, with the gnuplot
scripts that I have. Let me finish off what I am doing for my work and
I will clean things up a bit, write a little documentation.


> Otis
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>> From: Glen Newton <>
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>> Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 12:51:41 AM
>> Subject: Concurrent query benchmarks
>> A number of people have asked about query benchmarks.
>> I have posted benchmarks for concurrent query requests for Lucene
>> 2.3.1 on my blog, where I look at 1 - 4096 concurrent requests:
>> I hope you find this useful.
>> thanks,
>> Glen
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