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From JustJoc <>
Subject Match "best one" from list
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 17:10:23 GMT

Im new to Lucene (dont they all just say that), and finding it a little
daunting. I am trying to find a way to replicate functionality we currently
have with our database searching to be able to apply it to documents too.
Most of it is just simple matching, but there is one particular part I am
having trouble with and don't know where to start....

Basically its a kind of weighted word expansion to allow for alternate
meanings/languages etc. 
The expansion part is not a problem as that would be performed outside of
lucene and passed in, so just a bunch of weighted OR terms, *but* within
that expansion we only want the single best match from the list, and only
that contributes towards the final rank (as this would only form part of a
larger query).

For example - I want to be able to do a fruit search, the desired criteria
is "apple", so at its simplest we want to be able to construct something
like this :-

  BESTOF( "apple"^10, "orange"^9, "pear"^8, "peach"^8, "grapes"^2 )

So ideally in this field we want to find "apple", but would accept one of
the other pre-defined alternatives as a match. If the document field
contains apples it scores higher than if it only contains oranges, but a
document with apples AND oranges only has apples taken into consideration,
we aren't looking for a cumulative score for this, just the closest match to
the original desired criteria, also term frequency (occurences within a
document) shouldnt affect the score (10 apples arent better than 1 apple).

I just dont know where to start, ... so all and any suggestions gratefully

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