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From Sascha Fahl <>
Subject Indexstructure design
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2008 14:34:22 GMT
I am quite new to the lucene scene and I need your help :-)
There are several document classes. Lets say documents from class A,  
B, C, D and E. What I need is the following:

1) I want to search over all classes together. So the query should hit  
results from all different classes - ideally it is possible
to limit the results from each class to lets say 10 or 20 results per  

2) I want to search over all classes seperately.

My first idea was to have one index per class and use a MultiReader  
for searching over all classes and use an IndexReader for
searching over the classes seperately. Right now I have 3 questions:
	1. Is that a good idea?
	2. Is there a way to identify the index a result comes from?
	3. Is it possible to limit the results to a number of hits from each  

Thank you,

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