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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: FileNotFoundException in ConcurrentMergeScheduler
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 10:00:48 GMT

Grant Ingersoll wrote:

>>  Is more than one thread adding documents to the index?
> I don't believe so, but I am trying to reproduce.  I've only seen  
> it once, and don't have a lot of details, other than I noticed it  
> was on a specific file (.fdt) and was wondering if that was a  
> factor or not.  That is, maybe Paul could reproduce it.

I think your exception differs from Paul's in an important way.   
Paul's exception means an entire segment (its CFS file) was deleted,  
which is very easily caused by accidentally allowing 2 writers on the  
index at once.  But in your case, SegmentReader successfully opened  
the fnm file but then failed on the fdt, so, your segment wasn't  
deleted (at least not entirely).  So I think something different  
caused your exception.

>>  Any changes to the defaults in IndexWriter?
> It's the SolrIndexWriter.

OK.  But what does your solrconfig.xml look like?

>> After seeing that exception, does also hit that  
>> exception (ie, is/was the index corrupt)?  Or does it only happen  
>> with BG merges?
> Not sure, unfortunately, I don't have a lot of info yet.  The  
> background exception happened during an optimize, if that matters  
> at all

OK.  It'd be very useful to know if index was really corrupt (missing  
that segment) vs BG merge incorrectly, temporarily, thought it was  
supposed to merge that segment.

Is this a largish index?  Like, would there be so many segments that  
optimize would be running concurrent merges (> 2*mergeFactor  
segments)?  With ConcurrentMergeScheduler, optimize is now able to  
run multiple merges concurrently, if the index has enough segments.

I'll run some stress tests, focusing on concurrency of merges during  

Which OS & JRE are you using?


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