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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene Indexing structure
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 15:56:56 GMT

: Hi Lucene-user and Lucene-dev,

Please do not cross post -- java-user is the suitable place for your 

: Obviously there is something wrong with the above approach (as to get the
: correct document we need to get all the documents and than do the required
: distance calculation), but that' due to lack of my knowledge of Luce and
: lucene's Index storage.
: What I want to know how to improve upon the exsisting architecture other than
: making number of fields in the lucene equalling to total number of
: feature*size of each feature.

I suspect one of the reasons you haven't gotten much of a response yet is 
that people may not understand your problem statement -- I know nothing of 
Image Processing and even after googling "Color Histogram" I don't really 
understand how the examples you gave represent Color Histograms, or what 
it would mean to search on it with your example input.

Perhaps you could describe in more detail what exactly some sample 
data looks like, why certian objects should match certain queries, (and 
just as importantly: why other objects shouldn't match, and give examples 
of one one object is a "better" match then another object for each example 

don't worry about Lucene Document/Field/QueryParse specifics -- just 
explain the concepts you are dealing with.


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