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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Lucene Indexing structure
Date Sun, 04 May 2008 15:13:49 GMT
Would a Function Query (ValueSourceQuery, see the package) work in this case?


On May 4, 2008, at 9:35 AM, Vaijanath N. Rao wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> Sorry for the cross-posting and also for not making clear the  
> problem. Let me try to explain the problem at my hand.
> I am tying to write a CBIR (Content Based Image Reterival)  frame  
> work using lucene. As each document have entities such as title,  
> description, author and so on. I am decomposing each image and  
> extracting features like color histogram, texture and other  
> important attributes from every image and indexing it in lucene such  
> a way that each of this attribute is a field. I convert the float  
> values as string for every feature that I have extracted from the  
> image.
> While searching for similar image I extract the same set of features  
> for the query Image and than query lucene to get all those images  
> which have atleast one of the features, than I do the re-ranking  
> according to the difference of the features. Once the re-ranking is  
> done I submit the result.
> Here is where I need help, I need to know an optimal way to store  
> the values, so that searching take less time and I don't have to re- 
> ranking. Is there any way I can compare array of values rather than  
> one value.  What I essentially need is to get the query of type,  
> give me all those features which are less than K distance from the  
> current feature.
> --Thanks and Regagrds
> Vaijanath
> Chris Hostetter wrote:
>> : Hi Lucene-user and Lucene-dev,
>> Please do not cross post -- java-user is the suitable place for  
>> your question.
>> : Obviously there is something wrong with the above approach (as to  
>> get the
>> : correct document we need to get all the documents and than do the  
>> required
>> : distance calculation), but that' due to lack of my knowledge of  
>> Luce and
>> : lucene's Index storage.
>> : : What I want to know how to improve upon the exsisting  
>> architecture other than
>> : making number of fields in the lucene equalling to total number of
>> : feature*size of each feature.
>> I suspect one of the reasons you haven't gotten much of a response  
>> yet is that people may not understand your problem statement -- I  
>> know nothing of Image Processing and even after googling "Color  
>> Histogram" I don't really understand how the examples you gave  
>> represent Color Histograms, or what it would mean to search on it  
>> with your example input.
>> Perhaps you could describe in more detail what exactly some sample  
>> data looks like, why certian objects should match certain queries,  
>> (and just as importantly: why other objects shouldn't match, and  
>> give examples of one one object is a "better" match then another  
>> object for each example query.
>> don't worry about Lucene Document/Field/QueryParse specifics --  
>> just explain the concepts you are dealing with.
>> -Hoss
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Grant Ingersoll

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