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From John Byrne <>
Subject Re: Wild carded phrases
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 09:26:15 GMT

Here's a searchable mailing list archive:

As regards the wildcard phrase queries, here's one way I think you could 
do it, but it's a bit of extra work. If you're using QueryParser, you'd 
have to override the "getFieldQuery" method to use span queries instead 
of phrase queries.

A phrase query can be implemented as a span query with a span or "slop"  
factor of 1. So, once you have the PhraseQuery object, you would:

1. Extract the terms
2. For each one, check if it contains a "*" or a "?"
3. If it does, create a WildcardQuery using that term, and re-write it 
using IndexReader.rewrite method. This expands the wildcard query into 
all it's matches.
4. Create an array of SpanTermQuery objects, (one SpanTermQuery for each 
term that matched you wildcard); then add that array to a SpanOrQuery.
5. Repeat 2 to 4 for each wildcard term in the phrase.
6. Finally (!), create a SpanNearQuery, adding all the original terms in 
order, but substituting your SpanOrQuerys for the wildcard terms. Use a 
slop of 1, and set the inOrder flag to true.

So, essentially, you'd end up with: (you'll have to excuse me if I 
haven't rendered the span queries correctly as strings here - but this 
should give the general idea...)

spanNear[boiler (spanOr[replacement replacing])]

So it will accept *either* "replacement" or "replacing" adjacent to 
"boiler", which is what you want.

As you can see, it's a bit of work - but if you add this functionality 
to the QueryParser, you'll can re-use it a lot!

Hope that helps!


Jon Loken wrote:
> Hi all, 
> First of all, well done to the implementers of Lucene. The performance
> is incredible! We get search results within 20-40 ms on an index about
> 1.5GB. 
> I could not find a Lucene maillist search engine, something I am a bit
> surprised about!
> My question is how I can implement wild carded phrases searches like:
> "boiler replac*"
> This will pick up text:
> "boiler replacement" and "boiler replacing"
> But not:
> "boiling replacement" or "boiler user replacment"
> I am using the queryParser through Spring-lucene-module. 
> I did simply try textToSearch= "boiler replac*", but this did not work
> as anticipated. Have not analyzed properly, but it seemed to interpret
> this as: 
> boiler OR replac*
> Is there a way to implements this?
> Many thanks, 
> Jon
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