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From Ulf Dittmer <>
Subject Re: differences in deleting docs using IndexWriter and IndexModifier?
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 15:42:26 GMT
Thanks for the explanation.

You're right, IndexReader reports the correct number
of documents.

That might be a worthwhile addition to the
IndexModifier javadocs -
that the IndexWriter method of the same name is not a
drop-in replacement.

Of course, that's moot if docCount gets deprecated


--- Michael McCandless <>

> I believe your docs are being deleted.  It's just
> IndexWriter.docCount() does not count deleted docs. 
> That method matches IndexReader.maxDoc(), not
> If you open an IndexReader and call numDocs() does
> it reflect the deletion?
> Really I think we should add "maxDoc()" and
"numDocs()" to IndexWriter,
> and deprecate docCount() in favor of maxDoc().  I'll
open an issue.

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