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From Rajesh parab <>
Subject Re: Lucene index on relational data
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 23:36:55 GMT
How much data do you have? I have a hard time to
understand the relationship between your objects and
what sort of normalized data you add to the documents.
If you are lucky it is just a single or few fields
that needs to be updated and you can manage to keep it
in RAM and rebuild the whole thing everytime something
happends or on some schedule.
Regarding data and its relationships - the use case I
am trying to solve is to partition my data into 2
indexes, a primary index that will contains majority
of the data and it is fairly static. The secondary
index will have related information for the same data
set in primary index and this related information
inside secondary index will change very frequently.

The no of documents in each index will go in millions
and hence, re-building index in memory will not work

There are some hacks in the JIRA that allows you to
replace a document at a certain position at index
optimization time. You might want to update a number
of document every time you do that.
As per the hack you mentioned inside JIRA, if some of
the documents are deleted and re-inserted into
secondary index, the other documents inside the index
do not change their doc id. However, the newly added
documents will have different doc ids and hence, we
will have to sync them with primary index doc ids. Is
my understanind correct? If this is the case, then we
will have to update both the indexes every time
something inside secondary index changes.

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