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From "Dino Korah" <>
Subject RE: Indexing and Searching from within a single Document
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 13:47:15 GMT
Lucene is a library to index data.
Its up to you to drive it the way you want.
Think about the search result, how would your user like to see the
information that the search page has brought up. Do they want to know page
numbers, or is it section number, or it could be even sentence number.
Depending on that breakup and stick the positional information like chapter,
paragraph, section number, sentence number etc along with the fragment of
the book and make a document.

Hope that helped.! 

-----Original Message-----
From: Mathieu Lecarme [] 
Sent: 08 April 2008 09:00
Subject: Re: Indexing and Searching from within a single Document a écrit :
> The need is:
> I have millions of entries in database, each entry is in such format 
> (more or less)
> ID	Name	Description	start (number)	stop(number)
> Currently my application uses the database to do search, queries are in
the following format:
> Select * from table where Name like "%mymymy%"
> Select * from table where start >5 and stop <50000
> I would like very much to use Lucene for such search, for the reason:
> 1. database performance is not ideal;
> 2. data is growing to be too big, I want to move to file system, 3. 
> Currently everything is on server, user access through a web 
> application. I want to provide rich client tool, in which case I would
rather not to bother with database installations on client machine. Database
is my last option; 4. Lucene sounds very cool, I want to use a different
technology than database, which we are very familiar with already.
> I read the book, played with the demo. My question is:
> As you see, I'm not indexing or querying out documents, I'm interested in
one row of data. If I want to use Lucene, how should I do it? Do I have to
store my data as documents? Since I have millions and millions of rows in
database, if I store each row as a document, it'd be millions of documents.
Each line is a Document, and row are Field. Field like Description will be
stored (and even compress).


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