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From Mathieu Lecarme <>
Subject Re: Indexing and Searching from within a single Document
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 07:59:56 GMT a écrit :
> The need is:
> I have millions of entries in database, each entry is in such format (more or less)
> ID	Name	Description	start (number)	stop(number)
> Currently my application uses the database to do search, queries are in the following
> Select * from table where Name like "%mymymy%"
> Select * from table where start >5 and stop <50000
> I would like very much to use Lucene for such search, for the reason:
> 1. database performance is not ideal;
> 2. data is growing to be too big, I want to move to file system,
> 3. Currently everything is on server, user access through a web application. I want to
provide rich client tool, in which case I would rather not to bother with database installations
on client machine. Database is my last option;
> 4. Lucene sounds very cool, I want to use a different technology than database, which
we are very familiar with already.
> I read the book, played with the demo. My question is:
> As you see, I'm not indexing or querying out documents, I'm interested in one row of
data. If I want to use Lucene, how should I do it? Do I have to store my data as documents?
Since I have millions and millions of rows in database, if I store each row as a document,
it'd be millions of documents.
Each line is a Document, and row are Field. Field like Description will 
be stored (and even compress).


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