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From "Uwe Goetzke" <>
Subject AW: AW: feedback: Indexing speed improvement lucene 2.2->2.3.1
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 10:08:37 GMT
Hi Jay,

Sorry for the confusion, I wrote NgramStemFilter in an early stage of the project which is
essentially the same as NGramTokenFilter from Otis with the addition that I add begin and
end token markers (e.g. word gets and _word_ and so  _w wo rd d_ ). 

As I modified a lot of our lucene code which we developed since lucene version 1.2 to move
to a 2.x version, I did not notice of the existence of NGramTokenFilter.

Stemming is anyway not useful for our problem domain (product catalogs).
We chained WhiteSpace Tokenizer with a modified version of ISOLatin1AccentFilter to nomalize
some character based language aspects (e.g. ß = ss, ö = oe), then make the token Lowercase
before getting the bigrams. 
The advantage for us is anyway the TolerantPhraseQuery (see my other post " AW: Implement
a relaxed PhraseQuery?") which gives us a first step for less language dependent searching.

Regards Uwe

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Von: yu [mailto:yu@AI.SRI.COM] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 26. März 2008 05:26
Betreff: Re: AW: feedback: Indexing speed improvement lucene 2.2->2.3.1

Sorry for my ignorance, I am looking for

NgramStemFilter specifically.
Are you suggesting that it's the same as NGramTokenFilter? Does it have stemming in it?

Thanks again.


Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
> Sorry, I wrote this stuff, but forgot the naming.
> Look:
> Otis
> --
> Sematext -- -- Lucene - Solr - Nutch
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> From: yu <yu@AI.SRI.COM>
> To:
> Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 12:04:33 AM
> Subject: Re: AW: feedback: Indexing speed improvement lucene 2.2->2.3.1
> Hi Otis,
> I checked that contrib before and could not find NgramStemFilter. Am I 
> missing other contrib?
> Thanks for the link!
> Jay
> Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
>> Hi Jay,
>> Sorry, lapsus calami, that would be Lucene *contrib*.
>> Have a look:
>> Otis
>> --
>> Sematext -- -- Lucene - Solr - Nutch
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>> From: Jay <yu@AI.SRI.COM>
>> To:
>> Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 6:15:54 PM
>> Subject: Re: AW: feedback: Indexing speed improvement lucene 2.2->2.3.1
>> Sorry, I could not find the filter in the 2.3 API class list (core + 
>> contrib + test). I am not ware of lucene config file either. Could you 
>> please tell me where it is in 2.3 release?
>> Thanks!
>> Jay
>> Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
>>> Jay,
>>> Have a look at Lucene config, it's all there, including tests.  This filter will
take a token such as "foobar" and chop it up into n-grams (e.g. foobar -> fo oo ob ba ar
would be a set of bi-grams).  You can specify the n-gram size and even min and max n-gram
>>> Otis
>>> --
>>> Sematext -- -- Lucene - Solr - Nutch
>>> ----- Original Message ----
>>> From: Jay <yu@AI.SRI.COM>
>>> To:
>>> Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 1:32:24 PM
>>> Subject: Re: AW: feedback: Indexing speed improvement lucene 2.2->2.3.1
>>> Hi Uwe,
>>> I am curious what NGramStemFilter is? Is it a combination of porter 
>>> stemming and word ngram identification?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Jay
>>> Uwe Goetzke wrote:
>>>> Hi Ivan,
>>>> No, we do not use StandardAnalyser or StandardTokenizer.
>>>> Most data is processed by 
>>>>     fTextTokenStream = result = new org.apache.lucene.analysis.WhitespaceTokenizer(reader);
>>>>     result = new ISOLatin2AccentFilter(result); // ISOLatin1AccentFilter
 modified that ö -> oe
>>>>     result = new org.apache.lucene.analysis.LowerCaseFilter(result);
>>>>     result = new org.apache.lucene.analysis.NGramStemFilter(result,2); //just
a bigram tokenizer
>>>> We use our own queryparser. The bigramms are searched with a tolerant phrase
query, scoring in a doc the greatest bigramms clusters covering the phrase token. 
>>>> Best Regards
>>>> Uwe
>>>> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>>>> Von: Ivan Vasilev [] 
>>>> Gesendet: Freitag, 21. März 2008 16:25
>>>> An:
>>>> Betreff: Re: feedback: Indexing speed improvement lucene 2.2->2.3.1
>>>> Hi Uwe,
>>>> Could you tell what Analyzer do you use when you marked so big indexing 
>>>> speedup?
>>>> If you use StandardAnalyzer (that uses StandardTokenizer) may be the 
>>>> reason is in it. You can see the pre last report in the thread "Indexing

>>>> Speed: 2.3 vs 2.2 (real world numbers)". According to the reporter Jake 
>>>> Mannix this is because now StandardTokenizer uses StandardTokenizerImpl 
>>>> that now is generated by JFlex instead of JavaCC.
>>>> I am asking because I noticed a great speedup in adding documents to 
>>>> index in our system. We have time control on this in the debug mode. NOW

>>>> But in the same time the total process of indexing in our case has 
>>>> improvement of about 8%. As our system is very big and complex I am 
>>>> wondering if really the whole process of indexing is reduces so 
>>>> remarkably and our system causes this slowdown or may be Lucene does 
>>>> some optimizations on the index, merges or something else and this is 
>>>> the reason the total process of indexing to be not so reasonably faster.
>>>> Best Regards,
>>>> Ivan
>>>> Uwe Goetzke wrote:
>>>>> This week I switched the lucene library version on one customer system.
>>>>> The indexing speed went down from 46m32s to 16m20s for the complete task
>>>>> including optimisation. Great Job!
>>>>> We index product catalogs from several suppliers, in this case around
>>>>> 56.000 product groups and 360.000 products including descriptions were
>>>>> indexed.
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Uwe

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