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From Tim Brennan <>
Subject More IndexDeletionPolicy questions
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2008 03:03:59 GMT
Is there a direct way to ask an IndexReader what segment it is pointing at?  That would make
implementing custom deletion policies a LOT easier.

It seems like it should be pretty simple -- keep a list of open IndexReaders, track what Segment
files they're pointing to, and in onCommit don't delete those segments.  

Unfortunately it ends up being very difficult to directly determine what Segment an IndexReader
is pointing to.  Is there some straightforward way that I'm missing -- all I've managed to
do so far is to remember the most recent one from onCommit/onInit and use that one....that
works OK, but makes bootstrapping a pain if you try to open a Reader before you've opened
the writer once.  

Also, when I use IndexReader.reopen(), can I assume that the newly returned reader is pointing
at the "most recent" segment?  I think so...

Here's a sequence of steps that happen in my app:

0) open writer, onInit tells me that seg_1 is the most recent segment

1) Open reader, assume it is pointing to seg_1 from (0)

2) New write commits into seg_2, don't delete seg_1 b/c of (1)

3) Call reader.reopen() on the reader from (1) reader is pointing to seg_2 now?

4) seg_1 stays around until the next time I open or commit a writer, then it is removed.

Does that seem reasonable?


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