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From <>
Subject RE: Swapping between indexes
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 17:40:42 GMT
> >  With a commit after every add: 30 min.
> >  With a commit after 100 add: 23 min.
> >  Only one commit: 20 min.
> All of these times look pretty slow... perhaps lucene is not the
> bottleneck here?

Therefore I wrote:

"(including time to get the document from the archive)"

Not the absolute times are important, the differences are imported.
They only occur due to the different batch sizes.

I think it is a real world scenario because one has always the read the docs
from somewhere and offen has to store the index state somewhere else.

A test with docs created in memory and no state in a database would have of
cause completely other results.

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