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From "Cedric Ho" <>
Subject Some more questions on Payloads
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 04:39:29 GMT
Hi all,

This is the same problem I am trying to solve as in the thread:
"How to pass additional information into Similarity.scorePayload(...)"

However since these questions are somewhat different, I figure I'd
start a new thread.

After diving into the Lucene Source codes for a while now I have more
questions on payloads.

1. it seems that in order to use payload I must write my own Query
class like the BoostingTermQuery. Since I need to use payload with a
lot of the Lucene built-in Query classes, does it mean that I have to
write all those Query class again?

2. it seems that the payload can only be obtained from TermPositions
which is only used by SpanQuery classes. So I wonder if it is possible
to rewrite all the nonSpanQuery classes to use TermPositions in order
to use payload?

I don't mind rewriting all these Query classes if there's no other
ways around, but if there's a simpler way...well...

Hope someone could help =)


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