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From "Cedric Ho" <>
Subject Re: How to pass additional information into Similarity.scorePayload(...)
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 08:44:40 GMT
Hi Paul,

Sorry I am not sure I understand your solution.

Because I would need to apply this scoring logic to all the different
types of Queries. A search may consists of something like:

+(term1 phrase2 wildcard*)  +spanNear(term3 term4) [10/5/2]

And this [10/5/2] ratio have to be applied to the whole search query
before it. So I am not sure how would using just SpanFirstQuery with a
separate field work in this situation.

Anyway, I know my requirement is a bit strange, so it's ok if I can't
do this in Lucene. I'll settle with using a ThreadLocal to store the
[10/5/2] weighting and retrieve it in the Similarity.scorePayload(...)

BTW, this problem I am facing now is different from the last one I
asked here, which you have proposed with the Modified SpanFirstQuery
solution =)

But I am really grateful with all the helps I get here. Keep up the good work!


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 2:58 PM, Paul Elschot <> wrote:
> Op Thursday 14 February 2008 02:11:24 schreef Cedric Ho:
> > I am using Lucene's Built-in query classes: TernQuery, PhraseQuery,
>  > WildcardQuery, BooleanQuery and many of the SpanQueries.
>  >
>  > The info I am going to pass in is just some weightings for different
>  > part of the indexed contents. For example if the payload indicate that
>  > a term is in the 2nd paragraph, then I'll take the weighting for the
>  > 2nd paragraph and multiply it by the score.
>  >
>  > So it seems without writing my own query there's no way to do it ?
>  In case it is only positional information that is stored in the payload
>  (i.e. some integer number that does not decrease when tokenizing the
>  document), it is also possible to use an extra field and make sure the
>  position increment for that field is only positive when the number
>  (currently your payload) increases.
>  A SpanFirstQuery on this extra field would almost do, and you will
>  probably need .
>  This will be somewhat slower than using a payload, because the search
>  will be done in two separate fields, but it will work.
>  Regards,
>  Paul Elschot
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