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From Allahbaksh Mohammedali Asadullah <>
Subject RE: Boost value corrupted "read eof exception"
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2008 05:45:39 GMT

Hi Chris and Mike,
Thanks for your help.
Chis you got me right for both points. Sorry that I could not put my queries properly.  As
I can't set and get boost value I have to do my implementation some other way. Please help
me in the same

I have a three column table which I am trying to save in Lucene. Once lucene gets me the matching
field value then I want to get the value weight. So in general I don't want to search by weight.

My Table structure is like below

Doc 1           Field Value           Weight age
Field1          value1                  0.6
Field2          value2                  0.8

Doc 1           Field Value           Weight age
Field1          value3                  0.3
Field3          value5                  0.25

Thanks in advance.
Warm Regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Hostetter []
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2008 1:28 AM
Subject: Re: Boost value corrupted "read eof exception"

Reading between the lines, I suspect two things are happening here, both
of which seems like missunderstandings ...

1) i think the IOException seen while debugging is refering to an
exception which is handled internally in Lucene and is not actually a
problem -- but Allahbaksh is seeing it when stepping through his program
with a debugger.  Unless the exception is rethrown and your code is
catching it, you can ignore it ... there are places in the Lucene code
where exceptions may happen because of filesystem changes and but Lucene
can and does catch them and deal with them appropriately so you don't have

2) i believe the refrences to boost values is about trying to call
getBoost() on a field or document after getting the document returned from
a search.  this is not something that will ever work, please read the
javadocs for getBoost().

...if i am wrong about my interpretation of either of these issues, please
ignore me and clarify the issues.

: Allahbaksh Mohammedali Asadullah <> wrote:
: >
: > Hi,
: > Thanks for your valuable time.Could you get the same boost value what you
: > had stored. In my case I always get boost value as 1 ie. Default value. When
: > I debug it goes through IOException though it does not show any Exception on
: > the console in eclipse.
: Sorry, I don't understand what the problem is with the boost.  Can you turn
: this into a unit test that fails?  That would make the issue clearer.
: I also don't understand the exception you are seeing with debugging.  If you
: could make that exception occur in a unit test that would be great too.
: Mike


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