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From Ruslan Sivak <>
Subject Re: Distributed Indexes
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 17:02:47 GMT
Cedric Ho wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2008 12:07 AM, Ruslan Sivak <> wrote:
>> The app does other things then search the index.  I'm basically using
>> ColdFusion for the website and have four instances running on two
>> servers for load balancing.  Each app does the searches, and the search
>> times are small, the index is small, but it takes a long time to fully
>> create the index (several minutes), and I would like the index to always
>> be up to date (which is why i replicate the changes).
>> I basically cache the index for several minutes in a RamDirectory, which
>> works quite well for performance.  If I could store the index in a SQL
>> Table or something, I can have a single place where the index lives and
>> atomic updates.
>> Is there a SQL Backend for the index, or should I just take the
>> RamDirectory, serialize it and store it as a BLOB?
> Can't you just store the index on a shared network file system? so all
> the copies of your app can access it?
> And load the index into a RamDirectory when need to do searching on it ?
> Cedric
One of the reasons that there are two servers is for redundancy.  There 
is no good shared storage that we can use to store the indexes.   
Although we could theoretically store the files on the db server's file 
system, its a dependency I'd rather avoid.


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