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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: DefaultIndexAccessor
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 12:58:16 GMT
Thanks for the feedback jay. One at a time:

Jay wrote:
> Great effort for much improved indexaccessor, Mark!
> A couple questions and observations:
> 1. In release(Searcher), you removed a check if the given searcher is 
> the cached one from an earlier version. This could potentially  cause 
> problems for some people.
This is something that I meant to come back to. The problem is that the 
Searcher you are returning may have already been replaced in the 
Searcher retired searchers must be checked too. Will consider 
> 2. The createdSearchers variable is not really used: you just populate 
> it and print it out. What's the purpose for it?
This was a debug check that I had been using. Will cleanup.
> 3. The variable numSearchersForRetirment is  used in 
> WarmingIndexAccessor not DefaultIndexAccessor.
Thanks. Will move.
> 4. I wish that in the next release of Lucene, they will add searcher 
> reopen api so that we do not have to wor around it.
Not sure how this would play out, but an interesting thought...
> 5. Although currently IndexSearcher.close() does almost nothing except 
> to close the internal index reader, it might be a safer to close 
> searcher itself as well in closeCachedSearcher(), just in case, the 
> searcher may have other resources to release in the future version of 
> Lucene.
The problem is that because I am supplying the reader, calling 
Searcher.close() won't close it. The Searcher has to be created without 
a supplied Reader for it to be able to close itself. I got the same itch 
> Thanks!
> Jay
I appreciate the feedback! I'll be working more on this. I think more 
can be done.

- Mark

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