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From Ivan Vasilev <>
Subject Lucene File Formats web page
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 19:00:58 GMT
Hi Guys,

In the File Formats web page 
( there is section 
describing Segments File, where we read:

Segments --> Format, Version, NameCounter, ...
Format is -1 as of Lucene 1.4 and -3 
(SemgentInfos.FORMAT_SINGLE_NORM_FILE) as of Lucene 2.1.

On my opinion the last sentence is not completely right. I mean it 
should contain addition somthing like this:
1) "and -4 (SemgentInfos.FORMAT_SHARED_DOC_STORE) as of Lucene 2.3."
or like this:
2) "and as of Lucene 2.3 -4 (SemgentInfos.FORMAT_SHARED_DOC_STORE) in 
cases when shared stored fields and term vectors exist or -3 
(SemgentInfos.FORMAT_SINGLE_NORM_FILE) when no sharing exists."

So my question is what of the two suggestions is correct?
According to my tests with our IndexRecoverer tool the 1) is correct. 
Here I will have to mention what does this tool. It creates segments 
file out of given set of segments. I did not made a lot of tests yet but 
in one single case when I created segments file for a segments set that 
does not contain any shared data when I use 
Format=SemgentInfos.FORMAT_SINGLE_NORM_FILE Luke can not open it using 
Lucene 2.3, but when Format=SemgentInfos.FORMAT_SHARED_DOC_STORE it 
opens it correctly.

Best Regards,

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