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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Is storing 20 fields in a lucene document desirable?
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 12:21:01 GMT

On Nov 20, 2007, at 6:29 AM, kumarlimbu wrote:

> Our document contains a total of 23 fields in one document and we  
> STORE all
> of them in lucene index.
> We have recently had some performance issues and our analysis has  
> shown the
> bottleneck to be lucene search and retrieval.

Perhaps you can share your information on java-dev along with any  
detailed tests, etc. so that we can see if there is anything we can  

> We have been thinking about reducing the number of fields per  
> document by
> removing unnecessary fields and by merging fields with similar  
> weightings.
> Will reducing the number of fields help to optimize performance?


> Another issue is we are currently retrieving around 9 fields after  
> we do a
> search. Some are long text of up to 1000 words. Is it a large  
> overhead to
> retrieve long fields?

Yes.  Are you using FieldSelector?  Also, I would only STORE those  
fields that you actually need to display, not all 23.  Do you display  
all 9 fields right away or are some only when you choose a document?   
If so, try the Lazy Loading piece of FieldSelector.

> We are considering the option of separating the search and retrieve  
> parts so
> that Lucene performs the search, MYSQL stores the data. We just  
> store the
> INDEXED field and primary key in the lucene index. After searching  
> we only
> return 1 field (primary key) instead of 9 fields. This field will be  
> used
> for retrieving the actual information from the MySQL database. Will  
> reducing
> the number of fields retrieved from lucene reduce the response time  
> or will
> using MySQL database make it worse?

Hard to say, you will likely have to try it out.

> So our main concern is to find if retrieving fields usually takes  
> longer
> than searching or not? What does lucene spend most time doing –  
> search or
> retrieval? We are also concerned that using MySQL will have  
> performance
> issues because we will be doing I/O for MySQL as well as Lucene. We  
> also add
> around 100k documents each day and remove around the same number of
> documents. Will this frequent read and write have impact on  
> performance?

What version of Lucene are you using?  Naturally, if you are updating  
things that will have an effect, but that may not be a factor.  I  
would check out

Also, you may want to try out (not in production) the trunk version of  

Last, but not least, do you have some sort of cache for your  
Documents?  Obviously, you need to have appropriate semantics for when  
the underlying docs change, but using a cache makes sense, too.


Grant Ingersoll

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