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From "Haroldo Nascimento" <>
Subject Time of processing hits.doc()
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 21:32:07 GMT
I have a problem of performance when I need group the result do search

I have the code below:

   for (int i = 0; i < hits.length(); i++) {
                    doc = hits.doc(i);

                    obj1 = doc.get(Constants.STATE_DESC_FIELD_LABEL);
                    obj2 = doc.get(xxx);

  I work with volume of data very big. The search process in 0.300
seconds but when the object hits have much results, the time for get
all objects is very big. The command hits.doc(i) is processed in 2

  Por exemplo. For hits.length() equals the 25.000 results, the time
of "pos search" is 7 seconds.

  I get all result because I need group the result (remove the
duplicate results).

  Is there any form in Lucene that group the result. I need of
anything as the command "group by" of sql.


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