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From Liaqat Ali <>
Subject Lucene Setting
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 13:34:54 GMT
I m new to lucene and want to clear about some questions.

When I unpacked the Lucene, which i downloaded from Apache site.

I ran the Build.txt file and there are five steps to set up lucene.

Lucene Build Instructions

$Id: BUILD.txt 476955 2006-11-19 22:28:41Z hossman $

Basic steps:
  0) Install JDK 1.4 (or greater), Ant 1.6.2 (or greater)

  1) Download Lucene from Apache and unpack it

  Step 2) Connect to the top-level of your Lucene installation

                            Lucene's top-level directory contains the 
build.xml file. By default,
                            you do not need to change any of the 
settings in this file, but you do
                            need to run ant from this location so it 
knows where to find build.xml.
                            If you would like to change settings you can 
do so by creating one
                            or more of the following files and placing 
your own property settings
                            in there:


                            The first property which is found in the 
order with which the files are
                            loaded becomes the property setting which is 
used by the Ant build

                            NOTE: the ~ character represents your user 
account home directory.

  3) Install JavaCC (optional)
  4) Run ant

I am not getting the 3rd instruction. Can you explain this line to me.

And one question more. is it necessary to build lucene using Ant or any 
other tool. What is the purpose of this?

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