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From Alebu <>
Subject Re: Can I use Ispell dictionaries roe analizers in Lucene?
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 21:13:05 GMT
So what ispell dictionary actually is? List of rules for translation 
some words (or sentence?) to 'base form'? Or what?
If it is so, then as I understand it is actually possible to create some 
analyzer which gets ispell dictionary as parameter
and this way to get a full power of ispell dictionaries in Lucene? Or am 
I wrong somewhere?

Daniel Naber wrote:
> On Sonntag, 18. November 2007, Alebu wrote:
>> 1. To analyze non English language I need to use specific analyzer.
> You don't have to, but it helps improving recall.
>> Can I use Ispell dictionaries with Lucene?
> It depends on the dictionary. Some dictionary authors use the ispell 
> flagging system just to save space, others use it in a way so that it 
> really expresses the linguistic relation between a base form 
> (e.g. "house") and its text forms (e.g. "houses"). Only in the later case, 
> you could expand the dictionary to a "text form -> base form" mapping and 
> use it.
> Some dictionaries are GPL, so they cannot be part of Lucene. But you can 
> use them anyway. So the reason that there are no more advanced 
> (dictionary-based) analyzers for Lucene are mostly because nobody has 
> developed and published them. Of course, an increased recall often comes 
> with a decrease in precision.
> Regards
>  Daniel

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