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From Alebu <>
Subject Can I use Ispell dictionaries roe analizers in Lucene?
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 18:09:56 GMT
I was wondering about methods for analyzing various languages and that 
what I understand (please correct me if I wrong):

1. To analyze non English language I need to use specific analyzer.
Link to already available contributions in sandbox

2. There are some universal systems in the world such as
    Ispell -
    Snowball -
    Hunspell -
(This info I got from Postgresql documentation chapter about 
full-text-search which is part of core distribution from version 8.3 
(beta 2 for that moment) )
Here is link too:

Each of such engines has various dictionaries for various languages.

3. Snowball is already supported by Lucene.

And here goes my question :) ...

Can I use Ispell dictionaries with Lucene? And if no, then why? Are 
there some juridical issues with it or just no implementation exists jet?
If no implementation, then maybe there is some motivation not to support 
it (maybe it just not worth to do), or because of complexity
or no one ever tried jet?

The problem is that I need to support some languages not listed in 
snowball supported dictionaries list, but existing in Ispell, so
it is naturally to try to use Ispell in this situation.

P.S. Postgresql full text search has it, so Lucene probably need one 
too, I think.

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