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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: restoring a corrupt index?
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2007 22:10:57 GMT

> Ryan can you post the output of CheckIndex on your now-working index?
> (1800 is still too many files I think, certainly after having
> optimized).

ok, 1800 was wrong - that was from a botched attempt where I:
1. ran optimize on the broken 18K file index.  It crashed midway through.
2. run CheckIndex -fix on that

When I:
1. run CheckIndex -fix
2. run Optimize
it results in an index with 65 files (that seems normal)

> Also, what steps finally allowed you to recover?  CheckIndex
> (back-ported to 2.2) followed by optimize?

I did not back-port to 2.2, this converted 2.2 index to 2.3, and i 
shoved 2.3 libs into an exploded solr.war.  (just to see if it works) 
It works, but I'm better off going back to an older working version.

> I'm still baffled how Lucene 2.2 could ever produce a corrupt index
> even on hitting descriptor limits or other exceptions.  I can see that
> this could cause files to not be deleted properly, but, I can't see
> how it can corrupt the index.

I'm not confident it is lucene's fault - the hardware has been flaky 
too.  But the 18K files and 'too many open files' error makes me 
suspicious.  Unfortunately, I can't quite grock when stuff started going 
wrong and how long it has been going on from my log files.

> Ryan can you share any details of how you (Solr) is using Lucene?  Are
> you using autoCommit=false?  I'd really love to get to the root cause
> here.

I am using all standard solr config (copied from the example).  I am 
using solr's <autoCommit> to "commit" added documents every 30 secs.


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