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From Mike Klaas <>
Subject Re: Search performance using BooleanQueries in BooleanQueries
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 23:13:21 GMT
On 6-Nov-07, at 3:02 PM, Paul Elschot wrote:

> On Tuesday 06 November 2007 23:14:01 Mike Klaas wrote:

>> Wait--shouldn't the outer-most BooleanQuery provide most of this
>> speedup already (since it should be skipTo'ing between the nested
>> BooleanQueries and the outermost).  Is it the indirection and sub-
>> query management that is causing the performance difference, or
>> differences in skiptTo behaviour?
> The usual Lucene answer to performance questions: it depends.
> After every hit, next() needs to be called on a subquery before
> skipTo() can be used to find the next hit. It is currently not  
> defined which
> subquery will be used for this first next().
> The structure of the scorers normally follows the structure of
> the BooleanQueries, so the indirection over the deep subquery
> scores could well  be relevant to performance, too.
> Which of these factors actually dominates performance is hard
> to predict in advance. The point of skipTo() is that is tries to avoid
> disk I/O as much as possible for the first time that the query is
> executed. Later executions are much more likely to hit the OS cache,
> and then the indirections will be more relevant to performance.
> I'd like to have a good way to do a performance test on a first
> query execution, in the sense that it does not hit the OS cache
> for its skipTo() executions, but I have not found a good way yet.

Interesting--thanks for the thoughtful answer.


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