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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: Grouping by field value
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 17:12:44 GMT
On 10/8/07, Cool Coder <> wrote:
> I just started working on a lucene based project and I need your help on the following
> The result of search needs to show a summary based on a Field value.
> One of the field in the search Document is "type" with some possible values like "good"
, "bad", "better" etc...
> Now the summary of result should contain like good(8), bad(4), better(16) etc...

If Solr will work for you, it has faceting built in.


If not, and the number of unique values in the field is low, set
intersections can be much faster than counting hits (for a large
number of hits).

> My next question is very simple, I just wanted to search more than one field something
like search for "kbk pencil" in "description" field and "manufacturer" field. Can I use BooleanQuery
for that?

It depends highly on what you want to match... is kbk in one field and
pencil in the other field acceptable or not, etc?

Again, if you can use Solr, check out the dismax handler... it
constructs multi-field queries for you with different weights on the


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