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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Weird operator precedence with default operator AND
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 23:58:00 GMT

: I have only taken passing glances at Solr, so I am afraid I cannot be of much
: help. Certainly one of the Solr guys will be able to be of assistance though.

the StandardRequestHandler in solr will accept anythign the lucene  
QueryParser will accept ... sublcassing StandardRequestHandler to use the 
Qsol parser instead would be fairly easy (there are some open feature 
requests in Jira that will make it trivial, but they're still in flux)

: Since Qsol generates Query objects, you just need to find out how to bypass
: sending solr a query String and instead give it a Query object. I assume this
: must be possible.

Eh ... not really.  it would be easier to just load the Qsol parser in 
solr ... or toString() the query...

: Back in the day you might have been able to call Query.toString() as the Query
: contract says that toString() should output valid QueryParser syntax. This

Back in 1.4.3 it said "The representation used is one that is readable by 
QueryParser" but that wasn't really a "contract" as much as it was a 
statement about how the "core" queries behaved (hence the wording was 
changed) ... a contract would imply that *anyone* subclassing Query must 
obey the contract, and that would be an impossible contract for anyone but 
lucene commiters to satisfy.


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