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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Re : porting lucene on to mobile phone
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 17:24:04 GMT

: > You want to create 1,7 million documents containing a short and
: > indexed field: title, and a stored field: file name?

: Yes this is what I need.

if i may make a modest proposal: i would suggest that before you dig ito 
the details of what it takes to get LUcene working on a mobile platform, 
you spend 30 minutes writing a simple command line (JRE) app that uses 
lucene to index your source data the way you expect ot index it (ie: index 
the title, store the filename) and see how big that index is.  depending 
on how long these titles/filenames are and how many unique terms are in 
the titles, you may find that your index won't even fit in the mount of 
storage available on your target device -- so the issues of getting Lucene 
running on that device may be moot.

if thta is the case; perhaps a webservice (or SMS) based approach would 
work better .. Solr might be able to simplify the "server' side, all you 
need to do is write the client and feed Solr a CSV files of your data.


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