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From "emilien beucler" <>
Subject Is Lucene relevant for big amount of small dynamic data?
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2007 10:30:52 GMT

I need to implement a search tool, and I would like to know if Lucene could 
be used for my particular problem. Let's take an example:

A hotel company has several hundreds of hotels around the world. for each 
hotel there are hundreds of rooms, whose price are constantly changing. The 
idea is to create a multi-criteria search tool to find a room. The pieces of 
information to store are all the same, they are something like: (room_size, 
number_of_stars, city, date_of_arrival, number_of_beds, price...)
Let's says there are around 15 caracteristics, and about 5 millions pieces 
of information. The goal is to obtain a tool that:

- handles multi-criteria search
- can be updated all the time
- answers quickly

According to what I read about Lucène, this is a powerfull tool for 
combining different criteria, and would be great for enriching the 
information by creating more complex criteria. But my questions are:

- Is Lucene performant for very dynamic data? There would be dozens to 
hundreds of updates per second

- Is Lucene performant for this kind of search (it is not the typical 
text-search, date-range and price-range searches will occur a lot)

- Would Lucene be more performant than a standard database indexing 

Thanks for your help,

Emilien Beucler

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