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From Marco <>
Subject EdgeNGramTokenizer
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 16:46:39 GMT
Hi all,
I'm following the suggestion of this forum on how create a suggestion 
service like google suggest.
I'm parsing a words/rank file with my words.
For each word, I'm adding a document with content and rank in in index: 
then I create a EdgeNGramTokenizer of the word. This gives me N words 
and I add each one in a new field of the index.
So for each word in the index I have:
- content (for example apple)
- rank
- X initial letters of the word (for example app)
- X+1 initial letters of the word (for example appl)
- X+2 initial letters of the word (for example apple)
- Y initial letters of the word (for example app)

I add each additional field in the index as:

doc.add(new Field(name_gram, tn.termText(), Field.Store.NO, 

When an user search a word, for example app, I have to query the index 
the right field.
I calculate the length of the input and the I query the right field and 
the I get the content of the docs.
Is it ok?
For search I use:

String field_ok = field + line.length(); 
QueryParser parser = new QueryParser(field_ok, analyzer);
Query query = parser.parse(line);
System.out.println("Searching for: " + query.toString(field_ok));
Hits hits =, new Sort("rank", true));

All is ok if the input of the user doesn't contain spaces...
Am I missing something?
Best regards


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