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From "" <>
Subject Re: Custom Search algorithm integration
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2007 05:03:00 GMT
Thank you Grant but FuntionQuery doesnt solve the
problem. Looks like I didnt explain the problem
properly. Let me try it again:
1. We have a document in which there are 4 text fields
and a image field.
2. We have a special algorithm to perform match based
on the image. In the sense, if 2 images are provided,
the algorithm can determine with a match result and a
score (which indicates likelihood of match)
We want to know how we can integrate the "image
matching" algorithm into Lucene/Solr. 
The search will happen through API only where the
image is passed and matched images from the index
needs to be given back as result.
Wanted to understand if we could achieve the
integration of this with Lucene/Solr so that both
search on text fields and images can happen.
Would be nice to hear your thoughts.

Grant Ingersoll <> wrote:
You may want to look at the FunctionQuery capability,
either in 
Lucene, or the expanded capabilities (recently added)
in Solr.


On Oct 4, 2007, at 2:39 PM, wrote:

> Hi,
> Were planning to use Lucene or Solr within our
> application and wanted to know if it can support the
> following:
> Scenario:
> We have (say) 5 fields in a document which need to
> indexed. 4 fields are indexed by Lucene. The 5th
> is not indexed as it has data that cant be indexed
> searched by Lucene.
> We have a special algorithm/API to search/match on
> 5th field. Can this algorithm/API be integrated
> Lucene/Solr so that if we pass the 5th field data as
> query, the search engine will use our algorithm/API
> search and return/display the results. The reason
> we want this to be integrated with Lucene/Solr are
> obvious - rely on Lucene/Solr's basic scalability /
> performance as well as integrate both traditional
> searching capabilities and specialized searching for
> our end-user
> Is this possible to achieve in Lucene/Solr and if
> how. Would be nice to understand your thoughts as
> is very critical for us.
> Appreciate your help. thank you.
> cheers
> Prakash

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