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From Martin Dietze>
Subject Re: Weird operator precedence with default operator AND
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 12:21:18 GMT
On Tue, October 09, 2007, Daniel Naber wrote:

> The operator precedence is known to be buggy. You need to use parenthesis, 
> e.g. (aa AND bb) OR (cc AND dd)

This would be fine with me but unfortunately not for my users.
More precisely, I need to analyze a query string from one search
engine, filter out a black list of facette queries and pass the
result on to a second search engine. This means that I have no
control over the way people enter their queries.

Is there any known query parser which handles this correctly?

Also, how does solr do this? It uses a parser derived from the
Lucene QueryParser, and I found it produces the same output,
however the search queries are still handled correctly, i.e. the
results I get indicate that deep down inside it seems to get it
right in the end.



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