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From Martin Dietze>
Subject Weird operator precedence with default operator AND
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 07:55:47 GMT

 I've been going nuts trying to use LuceneParser parse query
strings using the default operator AND correctly:

String queryString = getQueryString();
QueryParser parser = new QueryParser("text", new StandardAnalyzer());
try {
  Query q = parser.parse(queryString);"q: " + q.toString());
  /* [...] */

Here's two example queries and the results I get with and
without the `setDefaultOperator()' statetment:

Query: hose AND cat:Wohnen cat:Mode OR color:blau

- Default-Op OR:  (+text:hose +cat:Wohnen) cat:Mode color:blau
- Default-Op AND: +(+text:hose +cat:Wohnen) cat:Mode color:blau

Query: hose AND ( cat:Wohnen cat:Mode ) OR color:blau

- Default-Op OR:  (+text:hose +(cat:Wohnen cat:Mode)) color:blau
- Default-Op AND: (+text:hose +(+cat:Wohnen +cat:Mode)) color:blau

It seems like theparser handles the default case well, but what
I get with the default operator set to AND is completely
incorrect. I've seen this behaviour with both version 2.1.0 and

Any hints?



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