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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Java Heap Space -Out Of Memory Error
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 05:24:59 GMT

: I set IndexSearcher as the application Object after the first search.
: how can i reconstruct the new IndexSearcher for every hour to see the
: updated records .

i'm confused ... my understanding based on the comments you made below 
(in an earlier message) was that you already *were* constructing a new  
IndexSearcher once an hour -- but every time you do that, your memory 
usage grows, and and that sometimes you got OOM Errors.

if that's not what you said, then i think you need to explain, in detail, 
in one message, exactly what your problem is.  And don't assume we 
understand anything -- tell us *EVERYTHING* (like, for example, what the 
word "crore" means, how "searcherOne" is implemented, and the answer to 
the specfic question i asked in my last message: does your application, 
contain anywhere in it, any code that will close anything (IndexSearchers 
or IndexReaders) ?

: > : I use StandardAnalyzer.the records daily ranges from 5 crore to 6 crore.
: > for
: > : every second i am updating my Index. i instantiate IndexSearcher object
: > one
: > : time for all the searches. for an hour can i see the updated records in
: > the
: > : indexstore by reinstantiating IndexSearcher object.but the problem when
: > i
: > : reinstantiate IndexSearcher ,my RAM memory gets there any

: > IndexSearcher are you explicitly closing both the old IndexSearcher as 
: > well as all of 4 of those old IndexReaders and the MultiReader?


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