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From Guilherme Barile <>
Subject JdbcDirectory
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 13:46:51 GMT
	We're starting a new project, which basically catalogs everything we  
have in the department (different objects with different metadata),  
and as I used Lucene before, I'm preparing a presentation to the  
team, as I think it would really simplify the storage of metadata and  
	The system will be pretty straightforward, all items will be  
cataloged,  and most of them won't be changed too much ( I'll raise  
this question later ).
	So, here are my main concerns, hope you can help

1) Storing all data (index and content) wasn't recommended in the  
past, as the index could become corrupted. Do I have this problem if  
I use a JdbcDirectory (PostgreSQL backend) ? I already read about the  
performance degradation when using a database as main storage, but  
this won't be a problem.

2) Lucene doesn't support incremental editing (a new Document will be  
created when someone edits an item), so is it possible to manage some  
kind of versioning ? Anyone ever implemented something this way ?

Thanks a lot for the attention

Guilherme Barile
Prosoma Informática
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