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From Guilherme Barile <>
Subject Re: JdbcDirectory
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 17:09:28 GMT
> 1) I don't understand why the index would get corrupted. We store  
> huge data
> and meta-data using Lucene.

I got that information when lucene 1.4 was the lastest version, may  
have changed. I'll trust you.

> 2) For this, I synced Lucene with the DB operations. If you use  
> Hibernate,
> theres an API for that. Or, you could just write your own factory  
> methods to
> add/delete/edit index documents when a DB operation takes place  
> (e.g edit).

You mean every time you update the db, you update the index also ?  
I'm actually planning not to use any external entity, and rely  
everything on Lucene. Wondered if some simple query (get the lastest  
document for example) would solve the versioning issue

Thanks a lot


> On 9/3/07, Guilherme Barile <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>>         We're starting a new project, which basically catalogs  
>> everything
>> we
>> have in the department (different objects with different metadata),
>> and as I used Lucene before, I'm preparing a presentation to the
>> team, as I think it would really simplify the storage of metadata and
>> documents.
>>         The system will be pretty straightforward, all items will be
>> cataloged,  and most of them won't be changed too much ( I'll raise
>> this question later ).
>>         So, here are my main concerns, hope you can help
>> 1) Storing all data (index and content) wasn't recommended in the
>> past, as the index could become corrupted. Do I have this problem if
>> I use a JdbcDirectory (PostgreSQL backend) ? I already read about the
>> performance degradation when using a database as main storage, but
>> this won't be a problem.
>> 2) Lucene doesn't support incremental editing (a new Document will be
>> created when someone edits an item), so is it possible to manage some
>> kind of versioning ? Anyone ever implemented something this way ?
>> Thanks a lot for the attention
>> Guilherme Barile
>> Prosoma Informática
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