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From "Per Lindberg" <>
Subject SV: SV: OutOfMemoryError tokenizing a boring text file
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:28:12 GMT

> Från: Chris Hostetter [] 

> : Setting writer.setMaxFieldLength(5000) (default is 10000)
> : seems to eliminate the risk for an OutOfMemoryError,
> that's because it now gives up after parsing 5000 tokens.
> : To me, it appears that simply calling
> :    new Field("content", new InputStreamReader(in, "ISO-8859-1"))
> : on a plain text file causes Lucene to buffer it *all*.
> Looking at this purely from an outside in perspective: how could that
> be true?  If it was then why would calling setMaxFieldLength(5000) 
> solve your problem -- limiting the number of tokens wouldn't 
> matter if the 
> problem occured becuase Lucene was buffering the entire reader.
> It definitely seems like there is some room for improvement 
> here ... it 
> sounds almost like mayber there is a [HAND WAVEY AIR QUOTES] 
> memory/object 
> leakish [/HAND WAVEY AIR QUOTES] situation where even after a 
> Token is 
> read off the TokenStream the Token isn't being GCed.
> Per: perhaps you could open a Jira issue and attach a unit test 
> demonstrating the problem?  maybe something with an 
> artificial Reader that 
> just churns out a repeating sequence of characters forever?

Isolating the problem is exactly what I did. It took some time,
but the memory leak turned out to be somewhere else, not in
Lucene. (Memory leaks are slippery beasts!)

Just wanted to let y'all know.

Thanks and cheers,

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